If you have an interest and a desire to help the project. If you are willing to pay a small portion of its funds, which would project started quickly. If you have such an opportunity and you will not make it more difficult to transfer part of the money to a good cause. The following information is for you.

Shares of the company at this stage have a minimum price and a maximum possible discount. After about 3 years, when the company will enter the scheduled pace, you will receive dividends from the shares purchased. And also if you want to be able to sell the shares at a higher price. The planned value per share $ 1. Who is the approximate cost of the shares $ 0.0015, not including the discount.

At this stage, you have the opportunity to buy the stock at the lowest price. By this to get the bonus part of the shares of the discount system. 
For example at the lowest rate of 30,000 rubles you get a multiplication of 525 to 530 discount. 
This feature will only be available on the first stage. Further, the discount will be reduced, and the minimum entry in the company (purchase of a minimum stake) will grow. 
Just installments available. For example, if you want to buy shares at 30,000 rubles, it can be done by making the entire amount at once and get a discount h530. Or for making 3,000 rubles a month for 10 months and get a discount h525. 
With rozrastaniem company shares will soar in value. Further, they can be sold at a higher price, and good at the same time earn. 
In order to register with the company and become a shareholder, please follow THIS LINK.
Before you click «register» if you double-check the correct entered your e-mail. It would have to receive an email with the reference confirmation of registration!

If you are a major investor and the company prepared to offer between $ 500,000 and above, you also have to be first REGISTRATION. And then contact us to discuss the details of that, ask your questions and more. + You also get the company’s shares to the amount paid + the maximum discount.

Essential elements of
the company’s accounts have not laid out in the public domain for security reasons. Details will be listed in your account, after REGISTRATION,  in the Investing section. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us:  Contact Us
Be sure to read the information in the menu Contacts

Invest in the company have the opportunity to citizens over 18 years living in any country of the world!