Компания СовЭлМаш

Company Ltd. AU and PP for the development and operation of the new technology of induction motors with combined windings enterprise was established SovElMash LLC. What does the combination of electrical machines. This venture will be engaged in the development and commissioning of production lines, to create asynchronous machines, turnkey. In other words, will create production lines, which will make or rewind asynchronous motors with a combined winding Slavyanka.

To date, in 2017 the company is just starting his seven-league steps into this market. But after 3-5 years, several of these product lines will be established. And one can easily be bought asynchronous motor with combined windings or motor-wheel on the same technology. The first test batch of about MK, several thousand pieces, planned for release by SovElMash already in 2018

At this point in the world there are more than a few billion different engines. And many of them are outdated. Or passed their service life, or technology on which they are made, it is no longer relevant and is prohibited. For example in Europe now banned engines below Class E2, and in some even E3. Our engines with combined winding Slavyanka, meet all the standards of quality and reliability. And have a class above the 4th. According to this use energy efficient motors Duyunova could be almost anywhere. Boilers, generator, exhaust, lift, trolley motors. A wheel motor can be placed all on absolutely any transport. Whether it elektrobayk. Or an ordinary scooter, which can be (roughly) by replacing the wheels turn it into electricity. + Replacement of outdated engines worldwide.

Slavyanka winding
This type of winding provides several advantages. Spend less amount of material. With this winding engine does not overheat and works in schedyaschem mode. And hence it will run an order of magnitude longer than conventional induction motor. Power consumption is reduced by 30%. Starting currents, when using the combined windings Slavianka significantly below. Power increases to 15-30%. Well, innovative technology and the correct development of the new engine produces higher class, keeping the previous dimensions!

Limitless possibilities
Many did not believe that so much powerful engine can fit in the case of conventional wheel motor bicycle. But it is real and the technology works. It has been shown many times and personally tested by people at the conference and presentations of this technology. Display stands (electric bicycles with MK Duyunova) were submitted from around the world! Conducted a variety of tests. Torque on the electric bikes could not be measured because of the low weight of the device, but the maximum that was possible to remove and fix it 171Nm !! A first peak was more than 200Nm! Induction motor with combined windings has huge prospects and interested in many of the major giants in the market. You need only a little help companies gain SovElMash move. And that we can build the future.