Мотор колесо Дуюнова

Brief Description and administration. 
What is the difference between an ordinary Chinese bldc motor and an induction motor? The thing is the difference between the designs. In asynchronous motors do not use permanent magnets. The magnetic field is generated there yourself winding when current is fed to them. And when the field is turned, the wheel starts spinning. Rotate fields and other functions controlled by a controller.

The main advantages of the new technology. 
It’s no secret that asynchronous motors invented long ago. The pioneers of the technology is Dolivo Dobrovolsky. In 1889, the first documented outline of the technology. And until 1995, these engines have had great weight and dimensions. But there were energy-efficient conventional engines bldc magnets and had a number of other advantages. For example lower inrush current. 
And it was not until 1995, when Dmitry Duyunov not started developing its own winding.

Innovative winding Slavyanka. 
In 1995, a new winding Slav was created. Ltd. engaged in the development of AS and PP, headed by Dmitry Alexandrovich Duyunova and Eugene Duyunova. Combined coil was designed for asynchronous motors, which will not only increase the service life of engines, as well as to reduce the load on the winding, to reduce winding temperature. And to increase the energy efficiency of the engine by almost 30%. A start-up current to reduce by 15%! 

Application of the technology. 
And so in 1995 the technology has been actively used. Steel rewound motors in factories, boilers, generator. And other places where induction motors are used. They began to appear licensed wrappers, which received a license to rewind, rewind become engines throughout Russia. At the moment the engines that run on the new technology combined windings, more than 100,000 pieces!

The meaning and purpose. 
Technology combined windings provided the following advantages. The engines stopped to bask. And therefore their service life is significantly increased. At the same time it increased and their power. As well as This made it possible to reduce the size of engines! And therefore more power can now be obtained with a smaller engine. At the same time it will consume less power. Which will reduce energy costs by an average of 30%. And it’s a real number. 

Asynchronous motor-wheel Duyunova.
As soon as it became clear that the size of an asynchronous motor with a combined winding Slavyanka, can be greatly reduced (not potaryav performance), it was decided to create a small motor-wheel on the same technology. Which can be used in electric vehicles. Electric bicycles, elektroskuter, electric cars, electric cars, wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, electric rickshaw, and much more. The electrotransport great importance is the starting current, as well as consumption in motion. The power with which the motor turned the wheel Duyunova, the envy of the most feature-rich Chinese engine. The peak MK Duyunova gives to 20kW, and fit into a conventional bicycle swingarm. Now imagine that you have more than the width of the stator. And this, at least already 40kW. Place a wheel on a car, with almost the power, Tesla ~ 160kW.

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